Make Yourself Comfortable from Mica Warren on Vimeo.

This project focuses on the benefits of going beyond the confines of your comfort zones and all the wonderful things there are out in the world to be learned, made and experienced. I stepped outside my own comfort zones to create the work and I feel that through doing this I've gained a higher appreciation and understanding for things that were once unknown an unappreciated.

This here is a visual rationale for the project. I wanted to explain the reasons behind the work, so I decided to do so through video, voice over and some pretty high tech
frame-by-frame animations.

The interviews were conducted with members of the public and friends, in various locations around Dublin City, with invaluable help from Ronan Bradbury (Camera Work) and Dave O'Hara (Sound Recording and Transport).

This is a zine that I wrote and illustrated, mostly as a way of explaining the rationale behind my project but also it was a way to get everything down on paper, so I'd be able to make sense of it myself. And I wanted to make people laugh.

It deals with issues like feeling misunderstood, undervaluing your work, second guessing everything and feeling unproductive and isolated as a result of spending too much time doing nothing on the internet.

I sold copies during the degree show. I left an honesty box for people to put money in and I left it up to them to decide what they thought was a fair price. This, in itself, was a way of going out of my comfort zone and putting responsibility in another person's hands. I also didn't lock the box to anything, I relied on people's good will and hoped that it wouldn't get stolen (it didn't and the money went a long way, thank you everyone who bought one).

Here's a link to the PDF if you'd like to download the story. And if you'd really like a physical copy, give me a shout, I've got a few left.

Here's a video of me and Felix making the bench. The vid's a bit sketch because I was hopping back and forth between the camera and the carpentry, but sure ya get the idea. (Music by SKC Productions).
This was one of the most enjoyable parts of the project overall, I was thrilled to be getting back to some hands-on, building type work.

And here's some imagery I created with the bench, photos and structural drawings.

I wanted to make a guide, so other people can build the bench if they want to. I deliberately made it somewhat vague, to allow for people to get creative with it. Sure what's the point of having a haype of benches that all look exactly the same? No point at all.