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December 8 - 22 View Schedule
720 Geary, SF

Magic Carpet is a pop up gallery, whose first physical location will be 720 Geary, San Francisco. Artist and curator Aimee Friberg is working with musicians, visual, sound and film artists, producers and other curators to produce MUSICAL CHAIRS, a rotating exhibit of artworks, performances and short films all made within, or in relation to, the context of sound and experimental music. For many cultures, music is a conduit to religious experience, a spiritual connection, or transformative moment into a world of the unknown. MUSICAL CHAIRS explore this territory of the ethereal—by provoking cosmic, magical, and spirit based connections through sound and music based art experiences.

Including Site-specific Installations / Film & Video Screenings / Performances by:
Bruce Conner
Lawrence (Larry) Jordan
Randy Colosky
Soo-Hwa Yuan
Suzy Poling / Pod Blotz
Brian Caraway
Maximilla Lukacs
Danny Paul Grody
John Davis
Maxwell Croy
Bert Bergen
Rob Doran
Joshua Churchill
Morgan Sorne
Kylea Borges
Gareth Spor
Arrington de Dionyso
Begonia Colomar

Aimee would especially like to thank Caryn Capostoto for her curatorial input and production assistance, Canyon Cinema for the Mea Culpa print loan, and Daniel Loewe for graciously providing use of 720 Geary.

Suzy Poling

detail from Distortion Drawings, Randy Colosky, 2010

Second Son, Sons of the Star, Morgan Sorne, 2008

I Have Already Forgotten the Name of the Thing I am Looking At (Installation detail from Sweet(Art) Gallery), Brian Caraway, 2010

Soo-Hwa Yuan, Dimension of IS (Installed at the LAB), 2006

Beneath the Veil of the Fourth Way (Installation detail), Bert Bergen

To HIgher Places (film still), Maximilla Lukacs, Super 8, 2009

Halides, John Davis, Super 8, 2009

Fountain (cd, edition of 500 on Root Strata), Danny Paul Grody

Untitled, 2010, Kylea Borges

limited edition screen-pressed shirts by Domed City

Rob Doran

Arrington de Dionyso with Record Lathe from Elisa Da Prato on Vimeo.