r/NoStupidQuestions Zine
r/NoStupidQuestions Zine
Where can I find a body wash for cats?

Is "ow" universal?

What's it called when you want to smell something, even if it smells horrible?

The Reddit thread r/NoStupidQuestions instructs the user "[not to] be embarrassed of your curiosity, everyone has questions that they may feel uncomfortable asking certain people, so this place gives you a nice area not to be judged about asking it..."

The entries included in this zine were selected because there was something sticky and often earnest about them. They juxtapose physics with personal observations, or social norms with sudden compulsions. They reveal vulnerability, existential dread, and a desire to unpack even the most mundane moments in the day.

Questions are presented as they appeared when first posed—no answers, no commentary.

Printed in 2017. Edition of 300.