Año 50 del triumfo de la revoluciòn
Medium format photography
Fiber prints
Jan 2009 - Mai 2011


What is striking in Cuba is the wear and tear. That of the buildings and countryside of course but also that of the people. When a country itself becomes a icon, remaining symbol of a time perceive before everything else as outdated. But the slogans are still here, flags a waived around regularly. There are the tourists of course, around whom everything seems to be organized. Even worn out, appearances are being take care of.

50 years of revolution, 50 pictures to show what has become of the revolution. Its problems, its successes and its future. The end of the Cuban revolution has been announced since its "triumph", but celebration of its 50th anniversary were held as I sat in a hotel lobby and learnt of the practical nationalization of some major US bank by the Obama administration.

Those photographs are to be seen both as individual images documenting "a given time and a given place" and as a moving panorama where one frame succeed to the other in a cinematic motion. What is shown is both the fading character of the revolution and its icons but also the life of the people within it. As such, those images carry a strong political commentary while also giving us to see the uniqueness of this country where nothing ever happens it seems, but everything is possible