Gestics - Let your signs be heard
Gestics is a concept meant to help increase the social integration of hearing impaired and deaf-mute persons.

The Invention Design course deals with the task of analyzing media products or processes in regard to their quality and merchantability.
So the large part of our process was a wide research phase after which we focussed on a scenario that is based on the idea of using forearm muscle sensors to translate sign language: A wristband that recognizes and translates gestics to spoken word.

As a proof of concept, we decided to build a data glove. Diverging from the technology of the muscle sensors, we concentrated on the translation of gestics to acoustics in order to test the concept in general. A video of the glove can be found here.

3rd Semester, 2010 / Invention Design
Supervised by Prof. Jörg Beck
Project partners Martha Miosga / Onofrio Di Franco / Sohyun Kim

Tools: Arduino / Processing / AfterEffects