Integrated campaign for ENEL, the main energy provider in Italy.

Enel Energy were the first company to implement online payment, making
paper bills redundant and somewhat of a 'forgotten gesture'.

The website allowed users to rediscover and interact with a variety of
nostalgic but redundant technologies.

Concept: Lorenzo Marri + Alessandro Orlandi + Laura Sordi
Art Director: Lorenzo Marri + Alessandro Orlandi
Director: Lorenzo Marri + Alessandro Orlandi
Design: Lorenzo Marri
Copywriter: Laura Sordi

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Italy

The website is no longer online but here's an example of some
of the 'forgotten gestures' that were featured.

The following piece of content enabled users to actively participate in
a forgotten gesture by taking a photo with a Polaroid camera
and waving it until the image magically appeared (requires webcam).

Together with the website and a banner campaign, a TV Ad showcases some forgotten gestures.
Guido Scamporrino (Art) - Fabio Delizzos (Copy)