lower bottom gallery | 1800 campbell street w.oakland

COSMO: Winter Resident, Alex Wolkowicz

A collaboration with Jeremiah Jenkins and Niki Shapiro plus friends at Lobot gallery. Oakland, CA. Sound art by Rob Peterson.

Cosmo looks at the intimate relationship between humans and trees and the spiritual presence of trees. They are seen as connectors of heaven and earth and the focus of shamanic ritual. Trees shelter and protect us and have been turned into shrines.

The installation is made of found timber and connects the floor with the ceiling. It is built around a skylight. Daylight illuminates the inside of the installation which can be entered like a hollow tree. Crystal-like growths made of colored broken glass cover the inside and reflect light like stained glass windows of a chapel. On the outside apples are suspended in tights resembling low hanging branches or offerings of fruit.

Alex Wolkowicz is a Polish/German photographer and artist resident in Liverpool/UK and Bonn/Germany.


Video Collage by Tony