lower bottom gallery | 1800 campbell street w.oakland

LoBot Gallery is a 10,000 sqft contemporary arts space founded in 2003 to host emerging artists alongside established artists within visual art exhibitions, music, dance and performance events, video and film screenings, as well as to provide a space for the incubation, production and implementation of ideas and cultural events.

LoBot also seeks to supply a resource to the local community by providing art studios and specialized workshops as well as hosting national and international artists through exhibition and a free artist in residence program.

LoBot is guided by the conviction that contemporary art is a vital social force that extends beyond the immediate art communities and into the broader culture - We seek to provide a supportive and accessible place for the advancement of ideas and our purpose is to engage diverse audiences ranging from arts professionals to individuals with no background in art.

Lobot shows archived on this site are from 2003-2013. For more recent events, check out our blog.