Albert Kong is a game designer and artist in Berkeley, NY. His work is focused on the audience as a player, and the world as an unbounded space of play: site specific installations that ask players to view the physical and social space around through the lens of a new set of rules.

Following a BA in Linguistics and Japanese from UC Berkeley in 2006, he spent two years developing and teaching a curriculum in parkour, an urban movement discipline that challenges how we interact with the architecture of a city. Informed by parkour's philosophy of transgressive exploration, he has since been involved with the street game design community and urban exploration community in the Bay Area. His games have been featured at Come Out Play in New York and San Francisco in 2012 and 2013 and IndieCade in 2013. His card game Stranger Danger, which encourages players to interact with strangers in public for points, was funded on Kickstarter in November 2013.

Albert is the former director of the Come Out & Play Festival in San Francisco; co-creator of Sandbox, a monthly open mic for games and experiences; and currently working with the Vespertine Circus.

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