»Gated Paradise«, Querétaro, Mexico
Portraits of contemporary witnesses for the book »Wall Stories«, 25 Years Fall of the Berlin Wall
¡Viva la Familia!
Portraits II, various
»Dance of March«, a performer's portrait
»stimmig – 10 Vokalexkursionen«, documentary about the variety of human vocal expression: Yodeling, overtone singing, buccal speech, laughter yoga, the contemporary classical music´s sound repertoire, esophageal speech, beatboxing and animal voice imitation.
Portraits I, various
Shanghai, Street Photography
Ruhrgebiet Street Portraits
Andreas, Opera Producer
»Feedback Schleifen«, Circus Theatre Performance
In the Studio
Pécs, Hungary
Verena, Violinist
»Buschow«, Set Photography
»Karneval der Kulturen«, 2012