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My demo reel includes my shorts ( in order):
- Billy's Nightmare
- The Black Idol
- Pretendiana Jones effects shot 1
- Effect shot cabin
- Pretendiana Jones effects shot 2
- Motion graphics example using After Effects
- I am TV logo 3D animated logo
- Gabezilla
- Blood splat effect
- Lunar landscape escape
- Road Kill
- Lunar escape, looking through the window

Shot Sheet / Breakdown

News Reel - March 2015 from Lee Copeland on Vimeo.

This is a small sample of the video I have shot and edited while working for the ABC affiliate WJET-TV.

The first two samples are from packages I filmed and edited for the Perry 200 Celebration in 2013. Everything that follows is footage from:
- Armed stand off with state police
- Massive Springfield, PA fire
- Fatal car accident
- Homicide at an Erie bar
- Cruise Erie car show
- Grape harvest
- Avery Molek (6 years old at the time) drumming
- Brett Michaels performance

Pretendiana Jones


Directed by - Ed Williams & Lee Copeland

Models - Josh Stoltzfus, Sean Simms, Dan Lexie, Crystal Mcgowen, Ed Williams, Riley Hearn, Byungho Jeong, Lee Copeland

Texturing - Sean Simms, Crystal Mcgowen, Ed Williams, Byungho Jeong

Animators - Byungho Jeong, Zach Parker, Riley Hearn, Brandon Aument

Effects - Lee Copeland, Ed Williams, Zach Parker, Byungho jeong, Chris Mieloch

Lighting - Crystal Mcgowen, Zach Parker, Lee Copeland, Brandon Aument

Editing - Lee Copeland

Sound - Zach Parker

Compositing & Stereoscopic 3D effect - Lee Copeland

Story - Christopher Miller

Pretendiana Jones - Animatic

With the storyboards I assembled the animatic, timed it, and added some basic motion effects.

I was selected to be the co-director of this project. Duties consisted of Camera setup, editing, development of the stereoscopic technique used to create the real 3D element, lighting, effects, and animation.

Here is the same scene with the stereoscopic display. So if you have a spare pair of 3D glasses, put them on.

Road Kill

I wrote, directed, and edited this film. I also designed, modeled and animated the creature and digital FXs.

With any film I conceive, I always want to challenge myself with a new technique of sorts. With this film I wanted to try my hand at compositing and reverse photography with a creature effect.

Here's Road Kill in it's entirety.

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I created the opening titles for this film by combining these three images.

The Black Idol

The Black Idol was conceived, written, directed, and edited by me. All digital FXs were also done by me.

Kultur Shock! A Forgotten Path Production

Escape from the Base from Lee Copeland on Vimeo.

I created this scene for the film Kultur Shock!. I was able to combine green screened miniatures and actors, photoshop created backdrop, and added explosions and laser fire.

Lunar Escape from Lee Copeland on Vimeo.

From multiple still images I created a new image measuring in at 350 inches wide so I could scroll over it giving the illusion of a panning shot. I motion tracked into the video laser blasts and the resulting explosions. Finally creating a 3D model of the window frame and even the glass within the frame.

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Here are a sample of the layers that were involved.

This is the final scene in the lunar escape for Kultur Shock!
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