Climate, Conflict, and African Development
These graphics were developed for a TEDx talk at Berkeley by Edward Miguel, featured on the TED site thereafter, - video available here.

Road Construction and Randomization in Sierra Leone
The Sierra Leone informational graphics were developed for a G8 presentation by Dr. Rachel Glennerster on standardized agricultural data in Sierra Leone, the randomization process of a randomized evaluation, and a depiction of a comparative study on road construction and quality. Animation available on request.

The Diffusion of Microfinance
These figures were generated for a paper exploring social networks and the diffusion of microfinance (Science July 2013). Abstract: To study the impact of the choice of injection points in the diffusion of a new product in a society, we developed a model of word-of-mouth diffusion and then applied it to data on social networks and participation in a newly available microfinance loan program in 43 Indian villages. Our model allows us to distinguish information passing among neighbors from direct influence of neighbors’ participation decisions, as well as information passing by participants versus nonparticipants. The model estimates suggest that participants are seven times as likely to pass information compared to informed nonparticipants, but information passed by nonparticipants still accounts for roughly one-third of eventual participation. An informed household is not more likely to participate if its informed friends participate. We then propose two new measures of how effective a given household would be as an injection point. We show that the centrality of the injection points according to these measures constitutes a strong and significant predictor of eventual village-level participation.

World Teach Organigram
An organigram for World Teach to elucidate the organization's structure, specifically highlighting the fact that the placement of their volunteer teachers is directed by the partner organization; In each of their programs, volunteers are placed in schools and host communities in countries that specifically request WorldTeach volunteers and would otherwise be unable to afford or locate qualified teachers. Volunteers receive training, language preparation, and field support, to empower them to meet the needs of the school.

Speculative / Tech
Illustration + Animation, etc.