“Images in fairy tales, better than anything else, help the child reach a more mature consciousness in order to clear the chaotic pressures of the unconscious.” Bettelheim B.
I grew up being told stories and fables such as the ones narrated by Anderson, the Grimm brothers or Perrault, which influenced and sculpted my way of thinking, and nourished my imagination from a very young age. I think my dreams are the best representation of my ability to imagine fictional worlds and adventures.

Looking at how children stories and their imagery have nowadays been rationalized, sanitised and sugar coated, especially in the past fifty years in cinema, with Pixar and Disney, this project focuses on the importance of fairy tales in the development and construction of children’s personality and psychic structure.

After experiencing reoccurring dreams, I decided to turn them into a series of fables, inspired by the traditional educational tales. I looked into the meaning of symbols depicted in my reveries, as well as in general psychology. I tried to preserve the descriptive and explicit feel of the old tales in my illustrated story.

This is the first volume of Fables.

I was approached and commissioned by French DJ Seigneur (meaning ‘Lord’ in English), to create a logo to represent his name.

I worked closely with him to come up with a design that would illustrate his personality as well as his musical style.

Him being a rather tasteful, refined and complex character, I suggested the design to source its inspiration in medieval book ornaments, romantic imagery, such as John Martin’s painting and mezzotints, gothic architecture, and American Sanborn letterheads from the early 20th century.

The letters, elements and shape of the logo were all carefully thought and created through my own interpretation of the musician’s taste and nature. I wanted to emphasize on visual symmetry and balance, and convey a sentiment of splendour and awe.

Series of nine illustrated matchboxes Based on the Bryant and May match factory in Bow (London), this project tells the story of the Match girls who worked and died for the company. The legend tells that the place is ever-since haunted by the girls' ghosts.

The factory has been converted into a deluxe gated community, but has maintained the main features of the old factory.

Artwork based on one of Aristotle's quotes: "Nature abhors a vacuum"

I worked on the idea of empty spaces and negatives as opposed to Nature, and the concept of abundance.

I have found myself nearly dying (and actually have been dead for just over a minute). On a holiday in my early childhood, I was taken by a powerful wave and stayed under water for a few minutes before being pulled out by my father. During this short episode of drowning I endured hallucinations caused by the lack of oxygen reaching my brain.

This piece of work is a visual interpretation of the memories of what and how I felt physically and mentally that day.