1985, Lima-Peru

Recently migrated to NYC from Copenhagen, where I lived, worked, and biked for three years. Prior to that I studied graphic design at Central Saint Martins in London (2007-2010), and professional photography (2003-2006) back at home.

My major art projects to date have touched on topics closely related to my personal struggles, by also my successes. Some of my work has explored the darker side of our selves: how we interact and live with despair and depression and the chemicals we use to cope, and representations and manifestations of the inner-dialogue self-harm. Other projects have looked at the link between transition from illness, re-connection, and the inward calm and catharsis that comes from documenting our hardest moments in a tangible form.

I am interested in the human being's unique perception of environments and visuals, and the link with interpersonal relationships and the challenges of human intimacy.


929 264 1030