For the Make Fashion Initiative, traditional embroidery techniques were combined with LED e-textile technology to explore ideas of light, movement and performance. The piece highlights the unique nature of wearable art and the connection that inevitably forms between the art and its wearer.

Designed with a dancer in mind and modified from a vintage 1960s pattern, the garment has been hand embroidered to showcase the technological system used, with accelerometers placed on the shoulders, hips and ribcage. While dancing, the body’s movements become (literally) highlighted with light.

In order to facilitate the easy explanation of the technology, all elements of the e-textile system have been placed on the exterior of the garment. The embroidery becomes at once didactic and decorative.

This garment was recently shown at CES 2014.

Headpiece designed by Hannah Newton.


MakeFashion is an community-building initiative created in Calgary to showcase the vibrant and growing hacking/making culture that exists within the city, and to connect people with new ideas and technologies in an accessible and participatory format. Designers with little background in technology (and hackers with little background in design) collaborate to create unique works of wearable art that combine fashion and technology in a wide variety of mediums. The culmination of the project is a Wearable Art Show featuring the works produced.