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Reading a lot over Christmas, watched all 5 hours of Until the End of the World Director's Cut. A highly underrated Wim Wenders flick that promptly made me step away from my phone/computer/radio/any electronic device. It's a sweeping, epic journey, a sci-fi road movie mixed with apocalyptic scenarios and love on the run that mixes individual contemplations with broader arcs about our collective future. For 5 hours, it pretty much has *everything*.

Coming soon, some more experiments+projects, including this one...



Happy holidays! It's been an eventful year, with many projects to completion and others just beginning.
A look back on 2014:

• In February 2014, I relocated from New York to San Francisco (!)
• Finished co-organizing three conferences filled with great thoughts and discussion -- MacroCity, FutureLaw2014, and the AAAI Spring Symposium on Cognitive Security
• Was part of the great team at Situ Research in finishing up a drone strikes report for the UN SRCT, a platform for the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, and the MOMA Uneven Growth show
• Taught GIS to a wonderful group of students at UCDavis
• Headed to Beijing to implement LOOP as part of Beijing Design Week, with the generous support of Mailchimp!
• Went to Mongolia for the first set of meetings as part of Zero1/US Department of State's American Arts Incubator program
• Co-taught a workshop in Taipei for the Taipei Design City Exhibition on Internet of Things for Public Service and Infrastructure
• Started a full time position at Meedan Labs
• Found out that I will be an Artist-In-Residence at Headlands Center for the Arts for 2015!

Feeling excited and lucky to make it through 2014 intact, for the thousands of frequent flyer miles accrued, the new friends and wonderful people I've met in the past year, and a year of constant learning. Let's see what 2015 holds!

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