Growing up as an 70's latch-key kid, Miami Beach Artist John Lacko was raised on a steady diet of pirated japanese cable game shows, evil cartoon monsters movies and pixel chomping Atari foes, all fueled on an abundant supply of sugary snacks.

This turned out to be the fertile ground for his insightful imagination.

Handcrafting his artwork through pencils & pixels for the last 15 years, John spends his days constructing computer characters from indie magazines to national retail chains, while his nights are spent tinkering into the wee hours of the morning in his garage studio hideaway. Making-up new colors and setting design trends with his social network of international friends.

Channeling his techniques in illustrative story telling and design thinking John has worked with such clients as Vans Warp Tour, Fangoria Magazine, Fuse TV, Adidas, XM Radio, Bravo TV's "Project Runway", Alternative Press Magazine and Macy's Inc.

Although he likes to tell people he's telepathic it's best to contact John by phone or email. Call for a quote or just drop him an email to say "hello".