Kenneth Zapata (b. 1989) is a designer working in architecture, research, curating and has a recurrent passion for photography. He finished his B.Arch degree in May 2014 at Woodbury University, where it allowed him to cultivate design and representation in all of architecture. In his final year, Kenneth completed "Data Made Concrete," a thesis that interrogates the interaction of cloud data and how we socialize through music.

Born and raised in Los Angeles and son of Architect Eliseo Zapata Jr., Kenneth has had an eye for design from a very young age. During his time at Woodbury, Kenneth was a gallery receptionist at WUHO Gallery. He became exposed to the operations of a gallery and the importance of the artist. He worked with architects, designers, photographers and artists to help design, build and install shows on the storefront of Hollywood Blvd. Kenneth then interned for the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design, a nonprofit organization that provokes and discusses ideas of architecture and urban design. He truly believes that Los Angeles is a great place to practice architecture. It is a place where music, film and art collides with the innovative attitudes of California.

Kenneth is currently an intern at INTENSIONdesign, a Design+Build office in Los Angeles, and is always looking for opportunities to practice architecture.

mobile: 818.370.9300


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