Round Trip

This was a concept app I designed along with our Director of Usability Research & Strategy, Rob Tannen, at Intuitive Company. It was featured here on FastCo Design.

The idea was to rethink the organization of an all-encompassing travel app. Could there be one app, which taps into all your other travel/organization apps and presents the information you need when you need it? What about focusing on your entire trip as a whole - or diving into one portion of the trip?

The circles UI first lets the user see the entire trip end-to-end, from leaving home and then back to returning home - and everything in between. The user can then dive deeper into a more detailed view of another circle, such as "Monday" or "Chicago" - revealing a circle timeline of that specific item. They can pinch, zoom, & rotate using gestures similar to that of Google Maps on a touch device.