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Half of my "Defaced" show. The themes in this work, as with the "body parts" series to a certain extent, tend to deal with the conflict between order and chaos. More specifically, I like to discuss the consequences people suffer when they attempt to contain their emotions – violent bursts of energy, manifested physically as a sort of metaphor. I like to think of the most contained people as being hollow shells, devoid of this energy; on the other hand, people with intense inner conflict tend to exude this complexity even as they attempt to shroud it.
I like to express these psychological tensions by using the figure as a template. The linework in my drawings, and the brushstrokes in my paintings, always seem to give away my tendency towards letting myself go no matter how much I focus on the details of a contained subject. Figures are vessels – diagrams which I can manipulate any way I want, revealing the destruction of their ego, starting from the inside. I’d like to show human beings through the primal, restless lens of raw frustration. When I manipulate the forms in an image, I think of the results as a metaphorical interpretation of emotions and situations that one cannot normally see.