Amigos! Se vienen este tipo de ilustraciones en Serigrafia de edicion limitada! Stay tune!!!
Guys! Coming soon this kind of illustrations in limited edition's silkscreens. Stay Tune!!!



Capturando los "Instantes Amables", una especie de lado B cotidiano, en pequeñas dosis cuadradas.

Capturing "Kind Instants", a daily B-side in small and square doses.



FLASCHENKINO: The Bottled Cinema app.
Studio: Opticx Berlin.

I'm so happy that I've designed some of the characters for this psychedelic piece!


Some tales & drawings about travelling between London, Géneve, Berlin & Buenos Aires.2014


Sarah Illenberger Studio / Triumph installation for the Berlin Fashion Week 2014

It was a special experience working as an assistant for this outstanding German artist.
I have fun and I learned a lot, nice team!


15.06.2014/ Digital Arts Online (UK) published a nice report about last Pictoplasma Conference illustrated with my photos!
Thanks! Lisa Hasell.Check it out :
"What’s hot in character art from around the world"


04.05.2014 / Kind Instants Photoshooting @ PICTOPLASMA FESTIVAL 2014 Berlin (Anniversary Edition)
Conference and Festival of Contemporary Character Design and Art..

Awesome days being part of the team. Lots of inspiring conferences & animations screenings.
What a character world :)

With Mikey Please, Chu Doma, Tim Biskup, Sarah Illenberger, Bubi Au Yeung,Lizz Luney, Craig Redman, Buff Monster, Brecht Vandenbroucke, Rilla Alexander Felt Mistress, among others.


10.04.2014 / Illustrated flyer for Nakatomi Plaza Live Streaming @G104.Buenos Aires.

28.03.2014 / Brand New Album. KANPAI Kill All Hipsters
Artwork for the 1st album for my allgirl Buenos Aires based band :)
It was inspired in the film The wayward cloud.


13.01.2014 / Kind Instants feat. Trompo.Tv & Podoboo

Nuevas ilustraciones para un programa de Tv Infantil.
En proceso! Proximamente más! Teepee it Real!

New illustrations for a Tv childrens show! Work in progress! More soon! Teepee it Real!


23.12.2013 / Dum Dum Club : Leo Garcia & Violeta Castillo.
Flyer > Ilustración y lettering.


10.2013 / / Making of - Imagina Chile.
Realización de maquetas para los sets.
Escenografías escala 1:8 integradas con animación 3D. Ver video / Making of - Imagina Chile.
Making models for sets.
1:8 scale integrated sceneries with 3D animation.
Watch Video


06.10.2013 / New Zine & Show! > FEELING ZINESTER #1 @TMDG 2013 Mar del Plata, Argentina.


23.09.2013 / Press > Nice interview about The Doodle Project by Inkygoodness, UK.


09.2013 / Colaboration > The doodle project & Kind Instants////////////////////////

I draw 5 frames and also did the titles lettering for the kinetic stravaganza by Dante Zaballa.
Dibujé 5 frames y oficié de letrista de títulos para la extravaganza cinética de Dante Zaballa


07.2013 / Athletic Drawing Club @ Paris & Berlin /

We're really glad about the Drawing Club that we organized in Paris and Berlin! A lot of really talented illustrators came!
It were two lovely afternoons drawing and having fun :) Merci les amis!!!! Dankeschön!!!

Please check it out the sketches and pictures, and also follow us in tumblr here >

06.2013 / Circle Training Club / Agora Collective's Residency/ Berlin, Germany.

> Activating Public Spaces In the month of June, Agora invited four artists - previously strangers to each other - to live and work together for three intensive weeks leading up to the Agora Collects event. The four artists - , Margot Charbonnier, Christiana Caro , Caroline Gallacher and Guillermina Gomez - were asked to depart from their solo practices in different disciplines and collaborate as a group on a project which occurred parallel to Agora Collects .

CTC : Circle Training Club trained and operated daily in public spaces of Berlin during a one-month residency.
Using semiotic codes of sport, their bodies and sculptural clothing, the team delineated sites through ritualised circumnavigational action.
The project is a meditation on the mental endurance required of collaborative practice and the human impulse to charter and map new territory.
Embedded codes within the project regulated repetitive movement, taking the place of a leader.
After all there is no I in team?

Please check it out the project below >

07.04.2013 / MoMA PopRally > Abstract Currents: An Interactive Video Event.

My contribution to the interactive video event at the MoMA in New York!

In conjunction with the exhibitions Inventing Abstraction, 1910–1925, PopRally makes an open call to rethink the Abstract in digital era and through video!

One thing: Create a one-minute video exploring abstract forms. I tried to explore the optic effects playing with some graphics.The noise was also a desired element.

MoMA / PopRally: Abstract Currents / Virtual Treasure from Kind Instants on Vimeo.