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Keaton Smith received a BFA in 2012 from the University of Louisiana Lafayette. Keaton is a filmmaker, writer, and video artist who performs live video presentations of his work. Keaton uses analog video techniques along with film and digital media to provoke a meditative state within the viewer. His films have shown in film festivals in Louisiana, Ohio, Brooklyn, and France. The most recent screening was of his experimental short film, The Story of Christopher Jenkins, which premiered at the Devin Moncus Theater in Lafayette, LA and screened at the Continental Club in Austin Texas for the 2014 South By Southwest Film Festival (SXSW), and the 2015 Philip K Dick Film Festival. Keaton's Resume

My current work focuses on the malleability of time, its intrusion on the present; its dramatic grip on the restless individual within the boundary of narrative storytelling. I also pursue performance video which is free of the temporal restrictions of traditional editing techniques allowing video signal to be played instantly and intuitively much like a musical instrument. Video can be bent and sculpted to disrupt linearity. Recollection is a nonlinear drama within the mind where memories are stored, retrieved, and manipulated. My work weaves these subjective threads into narratives.

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