Housing Block For 1500 Residents
Journal Square, New Jersey

The project was a response to the need for affordable housing in Journal Square, at a site directly adjacent to the largest PATH train station in the country. The notion of the high-density “block” became the central focus of the project - we were interested in exploring and rethinking the long-standing dilemmas associated with this tortured modernist typology.

We proposed to ‘filet’ a large housing block - to cut the whole block into single unit-wide sections and connect these long slices with semi-private shared bridges. The result was a project that didn’t quite fit into normative urban housing types. Each split-level unit has full views on each side of their apartment, and shares a courtyard connecting to the bridge with the four units surrounding it. Two modes of egress - vertical stairs and elevators and the bridges that ultimately connect to the public park - offer differing levels of privacy, helping to mediate a diverse set of lifestyles and needs at this this vital northeastern transportation hub.