Final Thesis, 2013

Woven Backpack:
Product design made with
a traditional weaving technique

Inspiration for this work came from deep down – from my
childhood adventures in Finnish forests and growing up in
scandinavian functionality.

I studied the technique of birch bark (basket) weaving
and designed and made a backpack with attachable pockets.
The pockets also function as additional compartments or separate
handbags, and are sized for modern everyday objects like a
smartphone and a tablet. Easy and durable closure is created by
using magnets and snap fasteners. Material used is recycled leather.

My goal was to reproduce a functional and aesthetic product which
brings the traditional and historically important craft into the present.

As a part of my thesis, I created a book
about the design process of Tuokko.
(Publication is in Finnish, sorry!)

Photos: Tommi Mustaniemi, Katja Mustaniemi
Model: Saara Varala

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