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Kate is an Artist and Director based in Brighton, UK.

Kate's art projects use moving image, sound and the human body to create immersive environments for audiences that explore the interaction between embodiment and perception. Her art practice brings together research in contemporary science and technology with performance and phenomenological methodologies. Her current research is outlined here.

Kate founded C H R Θ M A in 2010 – a group of artists, animators, performers and programmers specialising in interdisciplinary and interactive work – and directs animation performances, trans-media projects and large-scale projections.

Kate lectures on digital arts and creative media on MA courses at the Universities of Sussex and Brighton and during 2011-2013 was the Artist in Residence at the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science. She has a background in digital production and during her time working with Plug-In Media worked on two BAFTA winning interactive projects.

Kate holds a BA Hons in Literature (University of Oxford) and an MA in Creative Media Practice (University of Sussex). Currently she is working on an art practice based PHD working at the Media School and the Sackler Centre at Sussex exploring the relationship of art and science, virtual reality and embodiment and non-verbal means of communication.

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