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Hi, I'm Kate

I'm a Consultant, Coach and Artist. I am a Director of Ignite! Futures, and Founder
of SketchBetter and Pause Stories (launching summer 2015).

In January 2014, I embarked on an ambitious exploration into creativity, well-being and educational transformation. I currently work in a primary school as a KS1 Teaching Assistant, Head of the Student Council, and lead Art Clubs for kids across Kingston upon Thames.

2014 | 4D World (Pen on paper)

A Transformation in Education

In January 2014, I embarked on an exploration of mental health, creativity and wellbeing. I met five teenagers in a restaurant in Buckinghamshire. Each of them told me how they were struggling with a mental health issue, from a terrifying case of anorexia, to self-harming, anxiety, depression and even repeat suicide attempts. It was shocking to realise that the emotional crisis has either worsened since I was a teenager, or is a mere indicator that we are not preparing ourselves and future generations from the true reality of life today. On BBC Newsnight in May 2014, psychologist Dr Tanya Byron told the nation, "It's time to wake up. We have an emotional crisis." We cannot ignore this anymore.

I believe there is an emotional and spiritual crisis in our young people. We are not connecting our children to who they really are or want to be. Emotions, shame, guilt, vulnerability and resilience should be themes and lessons within schools. From Ken Robinson's Element, Brene Brown's Daring Greatly, to Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now, we are aware of our strengths and weaknesses, it's time to pull them together.

I believe alternative services that work with the existing education system to help transform it from inside-out and outside-in are the first step. I think a new mindset needs to occur for us to really understand what we even mean by education today and in the future. With mass open online courses (MOOC) readily available to thousands of people, where is learning going and how emotional resilient do we need to be for the changes that are on the horizon?

How can we re-educate our local and global world to see, embrace and live out our true potential, from within? How can we help children, teenagers, families and the millions of disempowered people around the world, to truly embrace that they are the creators of their own future? You are history makers. You are creators. Not yesterday or tomorrow. Today.

This is it and now is our time.

2014 | Magic. SketchBetter.

About Kate

I am a practicing mentor to young entrepreneurs and graduates, and I support people through business, health and personal transitions. I love coaching young people with starting businesses, gifted creatives to embrace their dreams, and guiding ambitious graduates into their careers. I have recently completed studies in Positive Psychology, The Science of Happiness and am training in Mindfulness, a powerful yet simple practice proven to reduce systems of anxiety, depression and stress.

I use meditative drawing techniques to support people with emotional or mental health challenges, from fears, illness or grief. Under my art practice SketchBetter I've exhibited at Mentmore Arts Festival and Bucks Open Studios.

SketchBetter will be launching officially at Cass Arts in Kingston in October 2015, with a solo exhibition and mindfulness workshops for children and adults.

2014 | The Art of Nature. Bucks Open Studios.

I am a Director of Ignite! Futures, an organisation promoting creativity in learning. Ignite! offer a range of pioneering programmes designed to encourage young people to embrace their creativity and discover their potential.

Since 2007, I have worked as a brand and digital consultant for good causes and start-up companies, and led on digital media strategies for Visual Editions, Mencap, ColaLife, The UK ArtScience Prize and A Very Good Company. I've worked with education and creativity leaders such as Sir Ken Robinson and Richard Gerver.

I hold a first class honours degree in Graphic Design and have written for many books and magazines on how the design process and human creativity tackle local and global health, environmental and social issues.

2014 Testimonials

“I realise now that there is more to life than my eating disorder.”
Emily, 17

“I love learning and doing homework now that I can choose and design it.”
Layla, 13

"You offer by far the best after school club we've experienced."

“When I met Kate, I knew having her support was the missing piece in my business. I just needed help and guidance. Her inspiring coaching style makes information easy to digest and implement. I am truly and deeply grateful to have her working with me.”
Rita, 24

“Redesigning education with Kate is quickly becoming my favourite thing to do."
Nick, 23

“In only three weeks, I feel comfortable talking about who I really am.”
Sue, 43

“I now see the true value of using digital media for my health consultancy.”
Beatrix, 33

SketchBetter workshop, Mentmore Art Festival 2014

How do you want your life to be different?

Get in touch by email or phone. I am based in Surrey and work across the UK and overseas.

Email me at
Twitter @KateAndrews and @SketchBetter

Top image: 2014 | Beautiful World, prints available here