Hi, I'm Kali Western.
Born and raised in San Diego, I'm currently living in the Twin Cities and loving a new perspective. I'm a web and multimedia designer that focuses in photography, graphic design, film, and illustration.

I tend to work digitally, but the relationship between work that is physical and work that is digital intrigues me and I am interested in joining them more often. I work a lot with photography and the manipulation of the photograph, but also work with film, drawing, sculpture, and performance. I love experimenting with unfamiliar processes and how they interact with different materials. In order for me to create new work, it is necessary for me to go out into the world. I draw inspiration from what and who is around me, and changing my environment helps me understand a diversity of ideas that inspire new works.

My work has been described as psychedelic with a modern twist, conveying a concurrent theme throughout my work that has to do with the abstraction of light, color, form, and shape. I am a very intuitive artist and let a majority of my decisions happen through experimentation and chance because I enjoy how different mediums react to different treatments.