Mind the Thigh Gap The Second City Training Center in the de Maat Theater.
Fridays through September 2014. Post card/poster design:

Facebook cover image:

Sick Adventure XXXVI Upstairs Gallery. 2014.
Killed illos:

Sick Adventure XXXV Upstairs Gallery. 2014.
Final Facebook cover image:

Killed options:

Sick Adventure XXXII Upstairs Gallery. 2014.
Facebook cover image:

Sick Adventure XXXII Upstairs Gallery. 2014.
Facebook cover image:

Animated GIF poster:

House Team Night March 2014 Upstairs Gallery. 2014.
Killed Facebook cover illo:

House Team Night NYC Upstairs Gallery. 2014.
Facebook cover illo:

Sick Adventure XXXI Upstairs Gallery. 2014.
Facebook cover illo:

Killed illo:

Sick Adventure XXX Upstairs Gallery. 2014.
Killed sketches:

Rejected Sketches: Maude Edition. 2013.
Facebook cover designs for live sketch show.
Photo by Sean Weiner.
Design and Photographic Art Direction by Kaitlyn Jeffers.

Lo Que Quieras: Un Show de Comedia en Español
Whatever You'd Like: A Spanish Comedy Show. 2013.
Killed sketch.

Six-legged Cat Dance. 2013.
Facebook cover and wall poster designs for live sketch show.
Killed sketches:

Thelonious Monk ensemble show @ The New School. 2012.

Business card. Rebecca Webster, Freelance Editor & Writer, specializing in children's publishing. 2011.
Illustrations done while interning at Office of Paul Sahre. 2012.

Facebook, Wall Street
Illustration, READ
Client: Bloomberg Businessweek
Art Director: Richard Turley
Creative Direction: Paul Sahre

Chicken Without the Guilt
Illustration, READ
Client: New York Times Sunday Review
Art Director: Nicholas Blechman
Creative Direction: Paul Sahre
Co-design: Erik Carter

This was the Image of the Day in Print Magazine, 28 June 2012.

For Gawker. 2013.
Art Director: Jim Cooke. Read.

Killed illo concept for Gun Appreciation Day:

Illustration done for Noise New York. 2013.
Creative Director: Matthew Lenning.

SIX-LEGGED CATS DANCING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2013!!!!!

Some examples of design projects completed while working at Sesame Workshop for Sesame Street Magazine, Digital Media, and Outreach. Length of employment: January 2010–July 2011.
Cover samples:

Food for Thought, outreach, printable shopping list for both parents and children.

Mother's Day printable activity.

Say It With a Cookie Valentine's Day activity packet Cover, Digital Media

Go Global activity, Digital Media
Work done for the La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club.

Postcards for Hand2Mouth's shows Something's Got Ahold of My Heart and When It Rains:

Banner ad for Elise Gardella's Gray Shapeless Monster exhibit at La Galleria:

Spring Brochure cover:

Spring brochure covers:

so go the ghosts of méxico promotional artwork sketches:

6th Semester, Graphic Design and Digital Media, Spring 2011.

Conceptualized and executed a Flash-based online gallery guide
for the Lower East Side. Project designed with Stephanie Zigomalas.
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