This assignment was to create invent a brand and come up with a line of products with creative packages. My brand, Super Star, caters to girls ages 7-14 with fruity scented bath products in unique star-shaped bottles. For the slightly older customers, I created more sophisticated looking lipgloss and body spray.
This is a spread from my 16-page magazine, Bead Ability. The entire magazine contains all original content, from design, to photographs and illustrations, to writing.

This small pen and ink drawing was done as a miniature art assignment and measures only 4.24 x 5.5".

The brief for this project was to create a logo for a company that remastered music recordings produced prior to 1970 to then be sold in CD or digital format as a way to attract new and younger listeners.

This was chosen as the winning entry for a contest to create the poster for the 2009 Real to Reel International Film Festival in Kings Mountain, NC. I designed this poster in an introductory graphic design class.
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