Exploring Puget Sound aboard the Adventuress

Exploring Puget Sound aboard the Adventuress from Karass Creative on Vimeo.

About the Adventuress:
Sound Experience envisions a future in which we all act as stewards of the Puget Sound and its treasured waters. By sharing adventures aboard the historic schooner Adventuress, Sound Experience seeks to educate, inspire, and empower an inclusive community — together, we can make a difference for the future of our magnificent marine environment.

Shot by Randall Statler and Nichole
Editted by Johanna Wattimena

FAITH: September '12 Sermon Series Teaser

About Faith:
We took the story of Peter walking on water, and animated it with rag dolls.

Produced by Devi Nitiutomo
Directed and Edited by Johanna Wattimena
Props and Dolls by Devi Nitiutomo
Effects by Ivan Reinaldi
Jesus Doll held by Dania Tanzil

Thanks to everyone who were willing to get wet with us!

I AM: November '12 Sermon Series Teaser

About I AM:
"I AM" is a no-budget, 1 week long, guerrilla production for IFGF Seattle Church. It is about the many qualities of God, being juxtaposed to our humanly incapabilities.

This was our first endeavor to create a fully scripted video. Before, due to the minimal equipments we own, we never consider creating anything that would need dialogues. If anything, voice-over will be our choice. Still, curiosity and impatience grows over time (especially if you've been making more than 5 videos with no voice). So we went ahead to shoot with sound recordings from a lecture-recorder, and lighted by a found, old-school over-head projector. The result is for you to decide.. (But for me, never again will I record without a legit microphone)

Written by William Sutanto,
Directed and Editted by Johanna Wattimena,
Text animation by Lauwrentius Margetan,
Produced by Devi Nitiutomo,
Actress June Ho,
Crew Julia Tu and Dania Tanzil.

UNMASKED: Preaching Series Video

Written by Devi Nitiutomo
Directed and Shot by Johanna Wattimena
Editted by Lauwrentius Margetan
The Masked Man is Sebastian Setio

LANGUAGES OF LOVE: Preaching Series Video

About the Languages of Love:
"We only have a week to do this, guys! I'm so sorry, Devi's (our awesome producer/project manager who left Seattle for a job in New York) hat doesn't fit on my small head..!" I said on a meet-up invite I sent to the team. For half a year, I've worked with Devi from concept to production. She handled all the logistics, so I could swim in the deep creative ocean. When she left, I had to fill her spot and wear two different shoes at the same time (one that doesn't quite fit).

On this project, I collaborated closely with Margetan to get five snippets of each languages of love. The brain storming took a little more than an hour, but we pound the concept hard. We want to stray from the "lovey-dovey" air of february, and push towards comedy. And that's what we did.

As per the last video, we chose not to use dialogues (no matter how tempting it is, the thought of bad sound quality sends the idea to the grave). So, the end result is 5 videos, shown every sunday, highlighting one of the five languages of love that will be preached the next sunday.

John: Ray Wawolangi
Jim: David Liem
Narrator: Timotius Petrus

Story by Lauwrentius Margetan
Written, Directed, Editted by Johanna Wattimena
Camera: Sebastian Setio
Crew: Julia Tu


About the Video Journal:
Here's a no-rig, no mic situation. I was out with friends one summery saturday, and we decided to catch the ferry to the neighboring island: Bainbridge. With a borrowed camera in hand, I strolled the street backwards while filming my friends chatting, laughing and enjoying our time together.


City Arts promotional for SIFF 2010 from johanna wattimena on Vimeo.

About The City Arts Spot:
This was part of a competition by City Arts to make an ad for the magazine. The three winners of the competition will have their work shown in the beginning of every movies in the Seattle International Film Festivals. I had the privilege to saw mine in the big screen in the SIFF Opening Night Gala (yes, we won!). My team mate, Connor, and I decided to feature the real artists of Seattle: an art student sketching the Puget Sound, street musicians of Pike Place Market and Pioneer Square, and the talented break dancer from Lynwood (who were kind enough to dance in the rain, while Connor shot from the top of his truck and I hold the umbrella while he danced).




About Project Generous:
There are times when a word has been such a cliche that there is no need to put much thinking into it. One of those words are "generosity." Most often, we connect the word with giving money to the poor. But there is much more to the word than just giving alms. This is a video series was made to see what people think about Generosity, and to encourage them to go deeper into its implication to their personal life. So, there I was, with a camera in my hand, a Seinheizer sound recorder, and a list of questions, going to random places, interviewing Seattleites. The project ended with my satisfied heart, knowing that a kind, generous heart, can touch people and can bring the best out of people.