Color Beast
Custom Fonts and icon designs

Color Beast
Custom icon designs

The Drums
Production files for custom enamel pins for The Drums Encyclopedia tour

Poster for a music show at venue The 567 Gallery in Macon, GA
Produced by The Blue Indian

Middle Empire
Board game, design and illustration

Middle Empire
Game board art work

Middle Empire
Playing cards

Long Board
Custom design for long board print

Postcard image inspired by Itsukushima Shrine and
the UNESCO World Heritage site in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan

Hand-lettering for the yo-yo brand and expert yo-yo team
Pattern illustration for Vulto's website / accessories
and T-shirt design

Tidings of Joy
Postcard for family, friends, and co-workers about
christmas holiday classics of the Jazz music genre

Stockholm Syndrome
Personal piece about my experience of walking
around Stockholm, admiring all of the beautiful architecture

Cultural Identity
Art proposal for the English Language Institute
at University of Delaware