Since 2008, I’ve been in charge of Urwerk Swiss Watches’ «year in review» feature. Having the same brief every year can be challenging, but I always strive to come up with a fresh creative idea. This year, I decided to let go of the usual month-by-month narrative to group content in three thematics instead: Innovation, Travel and Sharing.

View it online here
Client: Urwerk Swiss Watches
Development: Lapin Blanc

Art direction and interface design for a mobile beauty app proposal. The brief: feminine, cheerful, very modern without being to techy and including touches of green to evoke the beauty brand (masked for confidentiality purposes) that is sponsoring the app.

Agency: Publicis Modem

Proposal (concept and design) for the parisian jeweller Mellerio dits Meller. Mellerio having been providing fine jewelry to royalty for several centuries, the story of the house is told by four emblematic queens of diverse times: Marie-Antoinette, Josephine de Beauharnais, Margherita and «You», queen of today.

Client: Mellerio dits Meller
Agency: Les Navigauteurs
Drawn illustration: Céline Leroy

Art direction of a contact management mobile app. The project team was spread in 3 countries and deliverables included over 75 screens. App is still in the works, hence the partial screenshots: please email me for more details.

Agency: Attoma
Graphic production: Lapin Blanc

Diptych : my mother and father as a map. Imaginary map patterns superimposed on North America and the Atlantic.

Personal project

ING asked DDB for a microsite presenting the bank's philosophy and services. Something modern and responsive, with really tight deadlines.This is the solution we came up with. Art direction.

Client: ING Bank
Agency: DDB

Animated presentation of Urwerk Swiss Watches' 2012 highlights.

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Client: Urwerk Swiss Watches
Development: Lapin Blanc
Sound design: Olivier Appel

For their 2011 animated greeting card, swiss watch manufacturer Montres Journe wanted to highlight the 10-year anniversary of their emblematic Chronomètre à Résonance watch while sticking to a seasonal, winter theme. What makes this mechanical watch unique is the use of physical resonance, its twin balances beating in perfect synchronization. We can witness this natural phenomenon when the wavelengths of a chosen radio station meet those of the transmitter and resonate together in harmony.

At the end of the animation, «2011» is highlighted from the clock face and two snowflakes land where twin balances used to be.

Now offline.
Client: Montres Journe
Sound design: Philippe Gully

Logo, brand guidelines and design for ulule.com, a crowdfunding website. Design of the main pages based on website wireframes.

Client : Semio / Ulule
Production : Semio

Art direction, pixel-art illustration and animation of the «History of the Palace» theme course for the Louvre Museum multimedia guides. Made in collaboration with an historian, the animation recounts the evolution of the Louvre Palace from medieval times to the present day. Adaptation in 7 languages.

Client: Louvre Museum
Pitch (won)

Website showcasing Etam wo(man), a capsule collection of unisex clothing. Art direction.

Client: Etam
Agency: Il était une marque
Pitch (won)

A narrator presents Il était une marque ("Once upon a brand"), a marketing agency, as if he is telling a story. The design was crafted in harmony with the existing print brand guidelines: icons and solid colors. Conception, art direction, vector illustration and animation.

Client/Agency: Il était une marque
Production: Metiisto
Flash Festival en France selection

Microsite for the Cycle Chaplin, first broadcasted by ARTE TV in 2003. The intent was not to offer exhaustive informations about Charlie Chaplin, but to get a glimpse of his world through an interactive collage of three of his emblematic movies. Conception, design, animation and coding.

Client: ARTE TV

Animated illustration of the poem L'Horloge by Charles Baudelaire, for the BD4D (By Designers For Designers) Paris event in 2003. The animation is still broadcasted on the web or in exhibitions, and even shown to teenage french students as part of the French language study.

Best Typography award at the FlashForward NYC
Argos Lewis Carroll award
Flash Festival en France nominee
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