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Graphic Design Final Project (2011) | "Seeds of learning tricks"

Seeds of learning tricks from Doouble on Vimeo.

"Seeds of Learning Tricks" it's a brain game for adult people. In a close future the demography flow will change, every time we are more close to that demographic statistics that tell we'll be every time more elderies than young people. With the crisis we are not taking care of this demographic change wich is going to be a problem. This game is to prepare your brain to be more independent and learning faster, even with an old or tired brain. The game uses the 'expirience learning', which is a very useful method for adults. We remember things when we have good and positive expirience learning them. The user expirience is to share the app game to interact with other people (phisicaly or trought internet).

Wireframes template for "Seeds"

Some wireframes of "Seeds":

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One short flow of "Seeds"
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Some game screenshoots of "Seeds":

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Video presentation of the game and it's context
[ Only english? take a look at min 1:28 ]