Sveriges Radio Website
A proposal for Sveriges Radio Website: easy, accessible and personal. Sveriges Radio (Swedish Radio) is a public radio with 4 million daily listeners and 600.000 unique visitors daily on their website.

Client: Sveriges Radio, through Doberman (Tove Blomgren and Henrik Wrangel)
Brief: To take the Sveriges Radio website to the next level.
Role: Research (interviews, analysis) concept development, and art direction (design style).
In collaboration with: Huang Chien-Chang, Kris Bengtsson, Kristoffer Öberg and Richard Landérus.

This is how the website was back then:

Research and prototyping: We've used interviews and observed users to look for opportunities to improve the website. Through the research, we picked to areas to work on: making the huge amount of information on the website accessible and making the listening experience easy and intuitive.
We've started with prototyping on paper, to test the initial idea for the navigation.

Solution: We've concentrated on making the website simpler and listening focused.
We made the content more accessible and made the listening easier to use.
The radio channels gained more weight and became easier to find, as well as the programs currently playing.

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A time bar was added to the side of the programs so users can know when their favorite shows will be broadcasted. Also, we created a bar to visualize programs queued as you add them on the playlist.

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