Work Completed as a Producer at UChicago Creative
Oct 2012 - Present

The Renaissance Society: 100 Years of Excellence in Contemporary Art
Produced, co-Shot, and Edited

Introducing the Eckhardt Research Center
Produced, Shot, and Edited

Rediscovering Spinosaurus
Produced, Shot, and Edited
featured on Washington Post's Post TV

Chicago Center for Archaeological Heritage Preservation
Produced, Shot, and Edited

UChicago Welcomes the Class of 2019 (with advice and tips)
Produced, Directed, and Edited

Archaeologists Use Drones to Survey Ancient Middle Eastern Sites
Produced, Directed, and Edited

"Alumni wed in first Scavvenwedding at 2015 Scavenger Hunt"
Produced, Directed, Project Managed, Shot, Edited, and Published

A Tour of the Organ at Rockefeller Memorial Chapel
Produced, Directed, Project Managed, Shot, and Edited

Timuel Black: A lifetime championing civil rights
Produced, co-edited
Part of a CASE Gold Award winning feature piece, with additional video content that can be viewed HERE

Procession Welcomes UChicago Class of 2018
Produced, Shot, and Edited in 23hours (from shoot to publish)

Unwrapping Mummy Mysteries
Pitched(video), Directed, Produced, and Edited

Envisioning China: a Festival of Arts and Culture
Produced, Directed, and Edited for UChicago Arts
Part of award winning communications package

A Vortex Tied in Knots
Edited & Produced for the News Office
featured on WIRED UK

The Official Site
Diary of a Cyborg is a feature documentary directed by Jackie Todd, and explores the lives of young patients with Implanted Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs). The film will follow Jackie's own story, as an ICD recipient, as well as other young patients with the device. Interviews with experts in the medical community will supplement the personal narratives of these patients, all under the age of 30, and still in the process of understanding their ICDs and the idea of technological dependence.

In Memoriam
Written by Jackie Todd (with notes and additions from Alex Marino)
Directed by Kate Leslie
Performed by:
Dennis Frymire
Kevin Lambert
Alexis Randolph
a Whiskey Rebellion Theater Production

The Pledge Drive at the End of the World

Written by Jackie Todd and Alex Marino
Directed by Jeri Frederickson
Performed by:
Mitch Conti
Brittany Stock
Dan Toot

former title and 1st performance:
The Telethon at the End of the World
Whiskey Radio Hour Quarterly - Episode 3 - Part 4

Shot, Edited, &Produced

Discovering Zalmon Fundraiser Photo Booth from Jaclyn Todd on Vimeo.

"Dearly Departed" Run and Punch - 2014
Directed, Edited, & Produced

Dearly Departed from Jaclyn Todd on Vimeo.

Run and Punch - 2013

Run & Punch from Jaclyn Todd on Vimeo.

July 4, 2012

Music by Eric Mayer of Lakesigns.

I followed Le Vorris & Vox in spring of 2012 as they prepare for their final show of the academic year, The River Jordan. Set in Rockefeller Chapel at the University of Chicago, the show takes Steampunk & Victorian motifs and marries them with a circus and theater sensibility. The result was a truly stunning display.

for the class Documentary Production at the University of Chicago
Spring 2009

Save the Hipsters from Jaclyn Todd on Vimeo.