42º33’28.00”N 0º45’08.00”E Barrabés, experimental DOC de / by José Simóes. 2010

Sinopse / Sinopsis

42º33’28.00”N 0º45’08.00”E Barrabés é um pequeno vídeo experimental de vários percursos realizados no Valle d’Áran, Catalunha de 17 a 23 de Maio, 2009. O documental transmite toda uma abordagem real ao terreno, transmitindo sensações, realidades, dificuldades e estados de sublimação.

Barrabés, es un pequeño video experimental de varios recorridos realizados en el Valle de Áran (Val d'Aran), Barcelona, España del 17 al 23 de Mayo de 2009. El documental transmite toda un abordaje real al terreno, como documento visual de un recorrido realizado en que el objetivo mientras el registro es también el de documental, transmitiendo sensaciones, realidades, dificultades y estados de sublimación.

Catalão / Catalan
Barrabés és un petit video experimental de varis recorreguts realitzats a la Vall d’Aran (Val d’Aran), Barcelona., España de 17 a 23 de maig de 2009. El documental transmet tot abordatge real del terreny, com un document visual d’un recorregut realitzat en que l’objectiu mentres el registre és també el de documental, transmetent sensacions, realitats, dificultats i estats de sublimació.

Barrabés Barcelona, is a short experimental video of several walks in the Aran Valley, Pyrenees, Spain, 17th to May 23rd of 2009. A real approach to the field is showed by the documentary, not only as visual record of a journey but also the intent of the document, feelings, realities, challenges and sublime states.

Extractos do diário original / Extracts from the original diary of barrabés journey

"The first few hours of the walking were quite calm; I remember the first river that we had to jump going through an area that had suffered an avalanche, the marks could be seen in the trees with the broken branches everywhere."..."In here it was an enormous stone. This was the moment when we find the purpose to our project… this solid rock was the starting point of everything."
"We didn’t see anyone in our first walk; it was just us four out there. We took away our backpacks, and we looked at our pocket compass and looked for our points."..."It was getting late and it was time to start to get down the mountain. In almost all of our walks we would had always to have an half day to climb and another half day to get down."
"Whenever we stopped to take photographs for the project, Carbó also took his camera off to take pictures of that instant. The landscape is familiar to him and it was always a great pleasure to observe him in this moments. Carbo wasn’t just there as a teacher but also as a photographer."
"Shortly after we decided that we should get going. There were some clouds that were threatening the worst. If it started to rain the descent wouldn’t be easy due to the ground, we were surrounded by grass."
"We stopped next to agglomerate of stones, one of us grab a waterproof pen and wrote our names in one. Certainly will not last long, but that was a good moment; our three names on one stone lost in that landscape."
"Surround us was the silence, the nature: trees and a waterfall. We took the cameras off and we start shooting."
"Ahead of me a little hill, behind the mountains that drew the horizon, growing larger with every step I took. I was speechless… that sublime landscape blows me away and it was deserve all the effort. Before me there it was… the landscape draw itself like a perfect image that I only had seen in movies. The lake was surrounded by the mountains, someone of them were covered with snow. In the center of the lake an plain with some trees. It was like being inside of a Romantic painting… there it was the greatness of the nature."
"It was getting cold and it seemed it would rain. We fixed our things, our boots, dress jackets and raincoats… and there, in that moment, it was just we and the landscape."...

written between 17th and 23th of May, 2009 in catalan pyrenees with Enrique Carbó, Alejandro Saldivar and Fabio Vacca

experimental doc barrabés with landscape sound 2014

expdoc barrabés 2014 from jose simoes on Vimeo.

barrabés teaser

42º33’28.00”N 0º45’08.00”E Barrabés ( teaser ) de / by José Simóes. 2010.
Película / Film super 8mm KODAK TRI-X Reversal Film 7266

barrabés EXPDOC ( experimental short doc ) 2010 versão / version

EXPDOC.barrabés from jose simoes on Vimeo.

42º33’28.00”N 0º45’08.00”E Barrabés ( EXPDOC ) de / by José Simóes. 2010.
Película / Film super 8mm KODAK TRI-X Reversal Film 7266

este video é dedicado a / this video is dedicate to Alejandro Saldivar, Fabio Vacca, Lingyu Chen, Enrique Carbó. agradecimentos especiais / special thanks Maria João Floxo, Rita Serrano, Inês Barroso, Mariona Montaña Vilá e Pau Regordosa Overejo.

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Instantes de Paisaje 2010 - 42º33’28.00”N 0º45’08.00”E Barrabés . José Simóes. 2010. 6’ 27’’ España – Portugal.

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Instantes de Paisaje 2010 - 42º33’28.00”N 0º45’08.00”E Barrabés . José Simóes. 2010. 6’ 27’’ España – Portugal.

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