My name is Jonas Ekman and I work as the lead animator for Black studios. Below are some of the projects I have been working on recently. Please check them out!

If you want to come in contact or have a question, feel free to give me a call or send me an email! Have a nice day!

phone: +46 702557527

Check out State Zero! A short film I have been helping my friend Andree Wallin to create som bad-ass animations for! I worked on animatics, mocap supervison and editing, camera animations and facial animation. It was a blast to work on and only made possible by the very hard working team at Bläck studios! you wont be dissapointed!

Description: In the near future, the capital of Sweden has turned into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. we join four soldiers on a routine mission in ‘zone 3’, with the assignment to investigate an old surveillance tower that just went offline. That’s the setting in first-time director Andrée Wallin’s short film. With Andrées direction, renowned visual concepts and designs, this short film is something extraordinary. Shot in London with an international cast, exteriors shot in Stockholm and incredible CGI and VFX by Bläck, this looks like an excerpt from a big budget blockbuster.

Bläck Studios and Imagination Studios teamed up with the game developer Fatshark to collaborate on their new title Warhammer: End times, Vermintide. With these trailers I worked on animatics, mocap planning and supervision. editing of mocap and leading the animation team. I have to say, it is one of the most fun trailer I have worked on so far with lots of cool lore, characters and fighting. I had a blast and I hope that shows, enjoy some warhammer action!

Tom Olsson – Executive Producer
Peter Levin – Executive Producer
Annika Torell Österman – Executive Producer
Fredrik Löfberg – Director
Gustaf Holmsten – Creative Director
Henrik Eklundh – VFX Supervisor
Jonas Skoog – Lead Character Artist
Jonas Ekman – Lead Animator
Simon Rainerson – Light & FX TD
Peter Blomstrand – Lead Compositor & FX
Calle Granström – Mattepaint & Compositor
Pontus Garmvild – Production Manager
Peter Jemstedt – Rigging TD
Jonathan Forefält – Production Assistant
Janak Thakker – Animator
Sebastian Salvo – Junior 3D Artist
Erik Tylberg – Junior 3D Artist
Jonas Schild – Junior Animator
Andree Wallin – Concept Artist
Daniel Bystedt – Character Artist
Motion capture by Imagination Studios
Studio Manager: Anton Söderhäll
Motion Capture Animation Manager: Andrew Hutchinson
Motion Capture Supervisor: Samuel Tyskling
Motion Capture Lead: David Grice
Software Developer: Jakob Alenius
Performace by Svenska Stuntgruppen
Seth Ericsson
Nicklas Hansson
Tim Man

With these teasers for the release of battlefield 4 it was a great change of pace rigging and animating all out mechanical parts. By far the tank was the most time consuming, with its tank treads reacting to uneaven road. Enjoy!

Client: DICE
Director: Fredrik Löfberg
Exec. Producer: Jörgen Lilja
VFX Supervisor: Henrik Eklundh
3D team: Jonas Ekman, Jonas Skoog
2D team: Calle Granström, Peter Blomstrand, Teo Mathlein

In this piece for Battlefield 3 I animated and built some of the environments, the one you see in the first shot for example. Hope you like it, it was a blast to work on!

Director: Johan Rimér
Exec. Producer: Jörgen Lilja
Production co: Visual Art Creative Studios
Client: Wieden + Kennedy, Electronic Arts
3D team: Henrik Eklundh, Pontus Ekstrand, Jonas Ekman, Jonas Skoog, Janak Thakker, Mats Söderblom, Nikki Hammarström
2D team: Peter Blomstrand, Calle Granström, Erik Lindgren
Sound: RedPipe

With this first battlefield keyart i animated (both keying and handling motion capture data from DICE) and once again got the role of populating and creating the environment of some of the scenes. its a fast, intensive piece so hold on to your horses and enjoy the ride!

Director: Gustaf Holmsten
Exec. Producer: Jörgen Lilja
Client: DICE
Head of 3D: Oskar Wahlberg
3D team: Henrik Eklundh, Jonas Ekman, Pontus Ekstrand, Mathias Hedström, Martin Törnestedt
2D team: Calle Granström, Peter Blomstrand, Erik Lindgren

with these trailers I worked on animatics, mocap planning and supervision. editing of mocap and leading the animation team. It was a big challenge but also very rewarding and fun!

Description:The Breach cinematic trailer is the launch trailer for Dragon Age Inqusition. Draft FCB, EA and Bioware, teamed up with Bläck to create a mind-blowing and immersive trailer. Together with Digital Domain creating the flythroughs, Bläck went on to bring demons and dragons to life combating the nine heroes and the Inquisitor that leads them with awesome fight scenes and magic. The goal was to excite and captivate fans and newcomers by bringing the champions of the game to life in a high-impact, highly-detailed cinematic. With our sister company Imagination Studios we captured the best possible action with the stunt-team.

This massive project with Nike was a challenge! it was probably one of the biggest teams i have hade the pleasure working with and leading. its not everyday you create 100.000 videos!

Description: Here is one of the 100.000 videos we did for the "Outdo you with Nike+" campaign for Nike and AKQA. Bläck director Laurent Clermont teamed up with french illustrator Mcbess, who did all the illustrations, and then the Bläck team executed everything in a beautiful 2D styled 3D animated personalised video presenting your Nike+ year in review and giving you a goal for 2015.. Statue then did their backend magic and singled out the Nike+ users data, chose the appropriate animations, added personal data and then the video was distributed through Nike´s microsite.

Director - Laurent Clermont
Art Director - Matthieu “Mcbess" Bessudo
Executive Producer - Jörgen Lilja
Line Producer - Teza Holmberg
Production Coordinator - Fredrik Jureen
VFX Supervisor - Calle Granström
Lead Animator - Jonas Ekman
3D Lead - Simon Rainerson
Comp Artist - Håkan Ossian
Comp Artist - Jonas Manell
Comp Artist - Henrik Klein
Comp Artist - Peter Blomstrand
Comp Artist - Viktor Andersson
Illustrator - Love Gunnarsson
Illustrator - Madde Sandell
2D Generalist - Kristian Zarins
2D Animator - Vic Chhun
2D Animator - Marcus Melin
2D Clean Up - Leyla Kayddoura
3D Modeling - Erik Rönnblom
3D Modeling - Jonas Skoog
3D Modeling - Kristian Mårtensson
3D Modeling - Andreas Mielonen
3D Modeling - Laura Andersen
3D Animator - Laura Trespoli
3D Animator - Jonas Schild
3D Animator - Andreas Rohde
3D Animator - Ed Sheerwood
3D Animator - Janak Thakker
3D Rigging - Peter Jemstedt
3D Render - Chris Judkins
3D Render- Anders Nystedt
3D Render - Henrik Eklundh
Technical Director - Erik Johansson
IT - Thomas Ericsson
2nd Production Coordinator- Claudia Balboa

GIFF was made for a film festival in Gothenburg, Sweden by production company Visual art. I helped create the dragon you can see yawning at the end of the video. I had a great time sculpting, rigging and animating the little fella.

I had a blast helping Calle Granström animating for his release trailer for Mutant: year zero!

Calle Granström - Direction, Environments, Compositing.
Daniel Bystedt - Character Artist Zongast
Jonas Skoog - Character Artist Mutant
Jonas Ekman - Character Animation
Henrik Eklundh - Character Shading
Love Gunnarson - Concept Art
Ulf Blomqvist/Redpipe - Sound Design
Christian Gabel - Music (Kraterland)

Thanks to
Fredrik Löfberg
Kristian Mårtensson
Simon Rainerson