Welcome Stranger!

My name is Jonas Ekman and I am a lead animator currently working for Black studios. Below are some of the projects I have been working on recently. Please check them out!

If you want to come in contact or have a question, feel free to give me a call or send me an email! Have a nice day!

mail: jonasekman87@gmail.com
phone: +46 702557527

The Breach cinematic trailer is the launch trailer for Dragon Age Inqusition. Draft FCB, EA and Bioware, teamed up with Bläck to create a mind-blowing and immersive trailer. Together with Digital Domain creating the flythroughs, Bläck went on to bring demons and dragons to life combating the nine heroes and the Inquisitor that leads them with awesome fight scenes and magic. The goal was to excite and captivate fans and newcomers by bringing the champions of the game to life in a high-impact, highly-detailed cinematic. With our sister company Imagination Studios we captured the best possible action with the stunt-team.

A teaser for the upcoming Fatshark title, Warhammer: Vermintide. Awesome universe with so much story to get inspired by! Visit vermintide.com for more info.

In this piece for Battlefield 3 I animated and built environments! The first shot in the corridor is where I got to go all-in with the details of the scene and I ended up sculpting the majority of the war-torn environment. The other major environment is the humvee shot. Here a lot of work was put into creating a large amount of houses to speed by without it feeling repeated. A lot of work was put into the houses and the placement of them in the scene. The shots i animated is the humvee shot and the pilot shot but also some tweeking of the first one!
Hope you like it, it was a blast to work on!

Director: Johan Rimér
Exec. Producer: Jörgen Lilja
Production co: Visual Art Creative Studios
Client: Wieden + Kennedy, Electronic Arts
3D team: Henrik Eklundh, Pontus Ekstrand, Jonas Ekman, Jonas Skoog, Janak Thakker, Mats Söderblom, Nikki Hammarström
2D team: Peter Blomstrand, Calle Granström, Erik Lindgren
Sound: RedPipe

GIFF was made for a film festival in Gothenburg, Sweden by production company Visual art. I helped create the dragon you can see yawning at the end of the video. I had a great time sculpting, rigging and animating the little fella.

It was great working with director Laurent on this project filled with furry bears and plastic firebreathing dragons! I animated and rigged everything 3d! Hope you like it!

Client: ComeON
ComeON marketing dept: Jonas Daag/Joakim Ståhl
Production company: Visual Art Creative Studios
Director: Laurent Clermont
Exec. Producer: Jörgen Lilja
Producer: Hampus Gunnarsson
D.o.P: Simon Rudholm
Props: Tobias Allanson
VFX Supervisor: Calle Granström
2D: Peter Blomstrand, Carl Johan Hasselrot
3D: Henrik Eklundh, Jonas Ekman, Jonas Skoog, Pontus Garmvild, Simon Rainersson
Sound: Red PIpe

With these teasers for the release of battlefield 4 it was a great change of pace rigging and animating all out mechanical parts. By far the tank was the most time consuming, with its tank treads reacting to uneaven road. Enjoy!

Client: DICE
Director: Fredrik Löfberg
Exec. Producer: Jörgen Lilja
VFX Supervisor: Henrik Eklundh
3D team: Jonas Ekman, Jonas Skoog
2D team: Calle Granström, Peter Blomstrand, Teo Mathlein

It was great working with such a bad-ass title as God of War! once again I worked with the animation, handling the motionCapture and key framing the monster. It was a great experience and I hope you like it!

Client: Playstation
Director: Marcus Lundin
Exec. Producer: Dan Svensson
3D lead: Henrik Eklundh
2D lead: Peter Blomstrand/Calle Granström
3D Team: Jonas Skoog, Jonas Ekman, Pontus Ekstrand, Viktoria Anselm, Kristian Mårtensson
2D: Erik Lindgren
Sound: RedPipe
Telecine: Mike Cosola, Cinepost

In this meeting with Axe and Battlefield my focus was put on creating the animation with these two fighters on the battlefield. we used motion capture for the bodies and key frame animation for the faces with filmed ref-footage from the actors on the motion capture shoot. it was challenging as it always is with faces and much more so when it comes to the small subtle flirts that happened with the actors. A lot of it came down to the eyes and the subtle emotions you communicate through them. I hope some of it comes through and i hope its fun to watch!

Client: AXE and EA
Director: Fredrik Löfberg
Video Director (Ingame capture): Roland Smedberg, DICE
Exec. Producer: Dan Svensson
Producer: Jörgen Lilja
Production mgr: Hampus Gunnarsson
VFX Supervisor/3D Lead Artist: Pontus Garmvild
3D: Jonas Skoog, Jonas Ekman, Henrik Eklundh
2D: Team: Calle Granström, Peter Blomstrand, Gustaf Holmsten
Storyboard: Love Gunnarsson

Mocap Studio: Imagination Studios

With Magicka a lot of my focus was on nailing an animatic and the cameras used for it. those cameras were then used to shoot the wizards with a motion control rig. I also animated the unfortunate bird in the beginning! hope you like it!>


Production Company: Visual Art
Director: Fredrik Löfberg
Client: Paradox Interactive
Exec.producer: Tom Olsson
3D: Henrik Eklundh, Pontus Ekstrand, Jonas Skoog and Jonas Ekman
VFX: Peter Blomstrand, Calle Granström, Victor Sanchez, Teo Mathlein
Concept Artist: Love Gunnarson
Sound & Music: Red Pipe
Studio: Stiller Studios
Behind the scenes: Åke Löfberg
Prod.assistent: Jonathan Forefält