Miki and Lump
    Update I've decided to embark on a little adventure to produce some vinyl toys of my eskimo and penguin character, which I have now named. The eskimo is called Miki (Inuit for little) and the penguin is called Lump, because he is.... a lump.

    My quest involves the creation of 3d models and generally lots of testing stages and the sourcing of a good company in China to produce them. I have decided to use a technique called rotoscoping which will produce hollow figures by blasting vinyl into a mould, cheaper to ship and cheaper to produce, however this process will still not be cheap, unfortunately.

    I have had to change my design a little to simplify the more complex elements which can't be produced with this process. I've also had to widen the feet and alter the hood so he doesn't fall over, aswell as make the fur trim viable in plastic moulding. So here's the elevations which I am now going to source out to a 3D Artist to build in Cinema 4D or 3DStudioMax.

    Update This is a finished illustration I've created for the childrens book I have written and illustrated. It's all a bit hush, hush but here's a sneaky peak at the central character, hope you like!

    All designs are copyright 2014 Jo Ingate Illustration

    {image 5}