Short Stories, 2011

This is a book of dirty stories. It is a book where sex is fun and good and people are kind to each other. Also there are ghosts and there is math and there are obsessive compulsive disorders.

These stories are weird and fun and often bewildering, like sex itself.

Here are some of the stories to read for free. Maybe you will like them!

1. The Girl who Couldn't Come - About a girl who cannot come unless she's listening to Johnny Cash. And how she solves this particular problem.

2. Edith part one and part two. About a girl writing letters to a much older lady! Also, mad scientists! There should be more dirty stories about mad scientists.

3. ghosts About a very strange relationship. And clanking around the house in sheets.

4. This is Math There should also be more dirty stories about math. That is my opinion, and I guess I am putting my money where my mouth is! Be the porn you want to see in the world?!

5. Patricia Doesn't everyone have a list of geniuses to have sex with? A story about traveling through time to bother Patricia Highsmith.

6. The Meteor Shower (trigger warning) - About two men celebrating a birthday out under the stars while the sky falls. This is an excerpt from We All Got it Coming.

7. And then the Werewolf Because why can't dirty stories have surprise endings? Boy I have a lot of opinions about dirty stories.

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