Novel, ECW Press, 2010

This is a sad and funny horror novel about families.

"Canadian author Comeau, best known for his darkly surreal Web comic, A Softer World, turns his adaptable talents to overt horror in this oddly touching novel of ghosts, friendship, bloody secrets, and family relationships. Jackie is infatuated with her best friend, Ann, but hides her feelings rather than risk rejection. Ann has more dramatic problems: her mother, an increasingly ravenous and highly infectious supernatural creature, demands that Ann supply her with live prey. Distracted by their personal obsessions, Ann and Jackie very nearly occupy different novels despite their frequent physical proximity; Jackie wanders through a tale of teen lesbian romance, while Ann struggles to survive the dark horror of monstrous transformation. A staccato structure allows for surprising intricacy in so few pages, and the crescendos of terror are leavened by moments of unexpected humor and warmth." -Publishers Weekly

"It is [Comeau's] innate ability to imbue the horrific with a sense of fragile humanity that makes this book a must-read. . . . It doesn't get much lovelier-and bloodier-than this." - Fangoria

"The gore and supernatural elements are a fitting complement to [Comeau's] characteristic blend of pathos and black humour. Comeau's prose is simple and direct, and the short chapters - many less than a page - make for a quick read. Though the book contains a good deal of grue, the plot is more playful and inventive than horrific or suspenseful. The reader gets caught up in Jackie and Ann's adolescent exuberance." - Quill and Quire

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