Novel, Loose Teeth Press, 2005.

A genderqueer adventure story!

I feel the way bank robbers must feel just before they go out on that last big job that ends up getting them all killed.

That is to say, optimistic.

"It's impossible to talk about a book like Joey Comeau's Lockpick Pornography without first considering the way things like terror, gender, family values, and even the publishing industry are currently constructed, because every page in this grenade of a novel is written to blow them to bits. Everything is fair game to be smashed and reconstituted, from the boundaries of gender to the proper way to handle a closed door.

This tiny spitfire also manages in turn to be funny, awkward and tender, all strung together with explicit, cover-your-kid's-eyes sex and violence.
- Junk Magazine"

This book is unfortunately out of print, so the only way you're going to put your hands on a copy is if you meet me in person at an event. I have a few left. It will be back in print in 2012, but until then you can read it online for free, though the webpage for it has long expired and I have no access to this blogspot to fix the design. Here are the chapters:

Lockpick Pornography:
chapter 1. chapter 2.
chapter 3. chapter 4.
chapter 5. chapter 6.
chapter 7. chapter 8.
chapter 9. chapter 10.

You can also read the sequel, We All Got it Coming online for free!