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We created a series of games for several different Domino’s campaigns. Some were Flash based, some mobile web, and some were social games built inside facebook.

Behind The Pizza was a Flash experience that allowed customers to learn more about where the ingredients for their pizza came from, and included 5 different mini-games that illustrated a step of our process.

Play the Behind the Pizza Games at More.Dominos.com

The Noid’s Super Pizza Shootout was a week long Facebook game and event that rewarded the best players each minute with a free pizza. It reintroduced the Noid in an 8-bit environment with slight nods to the old Nintendo and Super NES games starring the famous ruiner of pizzas.

The world’s first live on-line talk show featured a studio performance in LA complete with celebrity guests and 3 college aged contestants piped in via webcam. Each show featured a monologue, interview and game show segment where the contestants battled it out to see who could win a souped up new PC.