Write. Design. Code. Repeat.

That's been my life for the past 17 years. Making things. Little things, big things, good things, bad things, things people all over the world have seen, things only me and my parents have seen, even a baby (though there was very little code in that).

While here at Crispin Porter + Bogusky I've made the switch from Creative Technology Director (after more than a decade of different developer gigs) over to Creative Director. My partner and I are responsible for all of the media channels for our accounts, as well as the brand strategy and direction. It's an amazing job. Brands today know that 'advertising' often isn't what they're expecting. An app, or digital presence can be the type of brand experience that emotionally connects with a customer in deep and meaningful ways.

I also have a passion for teaching and help educate both the folks in our industry, as well as the next generation of talent in the right ways to approach integrated marketing. At Boulder Digital Works I've helped lead both their industry workshops and graduate curriculum since they opened their doors. This opportunity has honed my ability to be an ambassador of the digital marketing world in a wide variety of contexes.

The work you see in this portfolio is only a highlight of all of the projects I've been fortunate enough to work on since 1995. If you'd like to chat, you can connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter. I'm always around, somewhere.

In the fall, TiVo focuses on its BOLT product, an entertainment system that allows viewers to skip commercial breaks with the press of a button. To show just how much people don’t like commercials, we installed 13 hidden cameras in a movie theater and then interrupted the screening with three awful ads. The reactions were priceless. We finished this experiential and social stunt with an unboxing party at the end of the screening, showing the product in people’s hands and their delight in their new-found ability to skip ads.

Ad of the Day: Watch TiVo Crash a Movie Theater and Interrupt a Film With Commercials

We were super excited to be able to create personalized, motivational screens for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco, October 2014. The screens were situated at the beginning of the last mile in the race, and motivated runners with a personal message on 23′ trailer-mounted jumbotron video screens.

Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Francisco, October 2014 from School on Vimeo.

Just before they approach the motivational area – complete with cheerleaders, japanese teiko drummers, two emcees and a grandstand – runners cross over a race timing mat that instantly reads their RFID enabled race bib. That information is read by the custom application that controls the video content on both screens. When the RFID info is read, it’s looked up against a database of runners’ names, and merged with a random motivational message written by the Nike and OBE team. Within seconds, the name is shown either by itself on the left screen, or in a running list of all names on the right screen. The application balances runner density with the speed of the runners to select which screen their message appears on.

We produced the installation, wrote the custom application, created all graphics and motion graphics and shot and edited the action – with help from drone operator Forrest Hirtzel.

Nike Women's Half Marathon in Washington DC, April 2014 from School on Vimeo.

School had also developed a similar experience for the Nike Women's Half Marathon in Washington, DC in April 2014. That experience included both an on-course surprise experience with multiple digital boards, as well as a surprise and delight wall at the expo tent. Using a similar technology stack as the SF event, the DC experiences were powered by custom software written by School and motion graphics based on the event style guide but incorporated into a Cinder powered, 47 foot curved wall.

We headed to Panama City Beach and took over Spring Break with The Grind. Students arrived to find their rooms and weekend dressed out with the ultimate hook up, headed by some of Skullcandy’s pro athletes; private beach party, raging pool party and VIP club night included. We turned 15 skaters days at the park into an unforgettable experience to hang with their favorite pro-athletes, skate a famous exclusive warehouse, and get hooked-up with a full blown kit of skate and skullcandy swag.

Skullcandy: The Grind Hook-up meets The Berrics from School on Vimeo.

- Concepted activation strategies for maximum content.
- Wrote product copy for the Skullcandy website, packaging and social media.
- Developed social media ROS to build national hype and promote turn out to activations.
- Captured photo and video content throughout and integrated into real-time storytelling across multiple social channels with organic and paid delivery
- Rapidly developed premium content to capitalize on buzz from the activation.
- Facilitated community development through continued conversation.

Skullcandy's Grind Hook-Up Goes to Spring Break! from School on Vimeo.

To introduce their revolutionary new one-year, pre-paid, in-a-box-on-a-shelf life insurance policy, we created a TV spot that rain in Georgia and South Carolina that showed our audience one way we could be selling the new product in their local Walmart.

We also designed the box and the in-store display and signage.

Holiday Cards are boring. So instead of sending Holiday cards, we sent invitations to all of our clients, friends and family to queue up for a chance to pelt CP+B VIPs with real Colorado snowballs shot out of our in-house engineered can-o-pult.

The final NUTCRACKER 5000 integrated can-o-pult with webcam, side-loading system, and pressurized firing mechanism.

The original can-o-pult prototype made out of bike frames, metal conduit, bike pumps and a metal ladle.

Our set the morning of the event.

Fully working live event with production, tech, legal, safety, social, and cleanup.

The live event crew working their magic.

Download the iPad app now from iTunes and get your hands ‘dirty’ making pizzas as if you were on the line at a real Domino’s. When you’re done you can go ahead and order that pizza and have it show up in less than 30 minutes. TV also supported this app with a promotion to hire the best players for real jobs. If you achieve a high-score, you get a popup that congratulates you and recruits you to become part of the Domino’s team.


Forbes - Getting Apps Right, How Domino’s is Beating the Odds

Huffington Post - Domino’s iPad App Lets You Design A Pizza, Then Order It For Delivery

MashableDomino’s Lets you Make a Pizza on your iPad Then Order It In Real Life

KotakuThe Domino’s iPad Game Could Transform The Way We Order Pizza (And Get Jobs)

The best way to prove to America that Domino’s listens to our customers was to promote the fact that we have live feedback in each store – and broadcast unfiltered comments right to a giant billboard in times square. After you order a pizza at Dominos.com, you can enter in Feedback, and upload a photo of yourself to be displayed on our digital billboard. If you didn’t happen to be in Times Square, no sweat, just check your email and follow the link to a stream of the sign. You can search for yourself or anyone else’s review that aired over the weeks we were live in NY.

Domino’s listens to their customers. They really do. But now with Domino’s Think Oven, customers can even help create the Domino’s of tomorrow. Think Oven is a crowdsourcing platform inside Facebook that allows the Domino’s team to put out briefs of real business problems, and solicit and reward fans for submitting their thoughts. Have a good idea but don’t want to answer a brief? No problem. Enter whatever your thought might be into the Suggestion Box and we might just make a brief out of your idea.

Since launching, Think Oven has been extended to dream up and create the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle for Domino’s. Featuring a TV commercial and partnership with next-generation automaker Local Motors, the Pak is currently in development with a 2013 prototype release expected.

We created a series of games for several different Domino’s campaigns. Some were Flash based, some mobile web, and some were social games built inside facebook.

Behind The Pizza was a Flash experience that allowed customers to learn more about where the ingredients for their pizza came from, and included 5 different mini-games that illustrated a step of our process.

Play the Behind the Pizza Games at More.Dominos.com

The Noid’s Super Pizza Shootout was a week long Facebook game and event that rewarded the best players each minute with a free pizza. It reintroduced the Noid in an 8-bit environment with slight nods to the old Nintendo and Super NES games starring the famous ruiner of pizzas.

The world’s first emotionally intelligent web banners and digital billboards invited users and passers-by to step in front of the camera and ‘Smile if you know who’s the Cheesiest’ via banners on Yahoo.com and Digital experiences in 7 locations.

In person, the visitor would stand on yellow foot prints in front of a large display, with the message “Smile it’s KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese”. Below the message was a flat noodle. When the visitor would smile, the noodle would curl into the iconic Kraft Macaroni & Cheese logo.

Online, the banners asked viewers to show their love by turning on their webcam and flashing their smile. As in the digital billboards, a big smile triggered the noodle to smile back.


The world’s first live on-line talk show featured a studio performance in LA complete with celebrity guests and 3 college aged contestants piped in via webcam. Each show featured a monologue, interview and game show segment where the contestants battled it out to see who could win a souped up new PC.