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Manipula#Som 1.0 | 30 june to 04 july |

Manipula#Som 1.0 is a laboratory for the new circus and directed by António Oliveira and João Menezes, who aim to explore and share the performance and play-writing possibilities that are born of the interaction between the manipulation of objects and the concept of interactive music. On the last day of this workshop, an informal presentation of their work will be performed at about 6pm.
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Max Workshop @ Sonoscopia - Platform for experimental music and performance arts - Porto, 17-21 March

I will be lecturing a workshop on Max, at Sonoscopia - platform for experimental music and performing arts.

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Max Workshop @ Casa da Música - Porto, 15-16 March

I will be conducting a Max workshop, taking place at Casa da Música, 15-16 March 2014.
The workshop will cover the basic principles of the Max MSP environment, as well as topics that range from sound synthesis, to computer vision and Open GL.

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Talk @ College of Communication - University of the Arts London.

I am pleased to announce a talk targeted at the "Sound and Interaction" students.
Taking place at the London College of Communication — University of the Arts London — October, 28.

Workshop - "Max - From introduction to the stage" - Semibreve Festival 2013.

I am pleased to announce the upcoming workshop @ Festival Semibreve 2013, one of Europe's finest Digital Arts and Electronic Music festivals. The workshop — "Max MSP - From introduction to the stage" — will be conducted by Myself as a member of the Digitopia Collective — Casa da Música.

Robotic Gamelan @ Code Control, Leicester UK.

Me and my colleague José Alberto Gomes were pleased to showcase a small part of Casa da Música's Robotic Gamelan at the Code Control Festival, Europe's biggest Max meetup.

It was the first time that the Robotic Gamelan was showcased outside Portugal. Additionally, we also gave a sneak preview on the upcoming Robotic Gamelan's Interface, developed by Myself and Diogo Tudela.
The robotic Gamelan was developed in 2008/2009 by Rui Penha, Luis Azevedo, and Miguel Ferraz at Digitópia/Casa da Música Foundation. An interview with me and José Alberto Gomes is coming soon.

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Upcoming workshop at Code Control Festival, Leicester UK.

I'll be conducting a workshop at the Code Control Convention, Leicester UK.

With the title "Get Parametrical", the workshop will be focused on the Automatic Generation of Parametric Data.
More information here

Here is a sneak preview...

Digitopia Get Parametrical @Code Control Festival