Information Graphic

This infographic of homelessness in Portland and Multnomah County provides a snapshot of individuals and families experiencing homelessness on a given night in our community. I developed the graphic using data from "A Point In Time," commissioned by the Portland Housing Bureau. The infographic was featured as the center spread for Blight Magazine's "Shelter" issue.


Jefferson Park acts as a traffic barrier in a busy and potentially dangerous intersection in the Goose Hollow neighborhood of Portland. By using photo manipulation, I removed the stone structure that makes up the park to show what the area might look like if the park did not exist. My purpose is to instill a feeling of loss in the value of the park, not only for the safety it provides, but also its aesthetic value.

The project examines ecological design principals and how the built environment should work with the preexisting landscape.

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Software Design

SCRAPPY START-UPS is a software platform designed to facilitate the exchange of resources, support and expertise between small businesses. By creating a reinforcing loop of participants at three tiers (aspiring, starting up, operational), the software encourages collaborative economies and empowers aspiring entrepreneurs.

Collaborative Design Team: Chelsea Stephen, Morgan O'Hara, Joan Lundell

My role was ideation of the concept, operations and user interface, as well as graphical data visualization and flash movie.

View Presentation with research and data visualization for Scrappy Startups

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