250 people vied for $25K towards their wedding. Or divorce.

Case Study

Campaign Kickoff Video

Agency: McGarryBowen
Role: Creative Direction, Writing, Production, Social, Writing, UX

In 2011, Miracle Whip declared it was cool to hate them as well as love them. From this came the fact that Miracle Whip was actually a point of contention in some households. And born was the “Not for Every Relationship” contest.

Couples shared their stories about how this fair condiment brought them together—or tore them apart—for a chance at 25 grand to put toward a wedding. Or a divorce.

The video of a priest and a lawyer set up guidelines and kicked the whole thing off.

Google Creative Canvas 2011
Ad Age
National Review
Atypical CPG campaign plays up how everything seems harder when sinuses are blocked.

"Math" :30 TV

Agency: JWT
Role: Full-campaign concept, Writing, Creative Direction

This is a campaign that us quote/unquote “digital guys” came up with. The idea, not just a script, drove the campaign that my team and I wrote, produced and developed.

From online advertising to TV, from site experience to print, we proved that campaigns didn't have to be trickle-down, matching-luggage offshoots of a 30-second spot.
Products made for those times when not flying JetBlue.

Case Study

Agency: JWT
Role: Concepts, Writing

When it comes to separating themselves, JetBlue’s core benefits have always been go-to advantages over competing airlines. Plane-wide perks like leather seats, loads of legroom and unlimited munchies are for every passenger.

In The Flyer’s Collection we showcased faux products, allowing travelers to have a JetBlue-esque experience on any airline.

Cannes Shortlist
One Show Merit Award
96 time-tailored anti-excuses inspire the “Just Do It” attitude.

Agency: R/GA
Role: Writing

While W+K gave runners their own paper clock, the team at R/GA developed something arguably more playful. A tool that inspired users to find a reason to run, no matter what time of day.

A team of writers and I—my wife included—crafted headlines for every 15-minute increment in a 24-hour period. 96 were chosen. Hundreds more were forgotten.

The site also served up graphics and products based on the current weather in a user's area.

Advertising Age "Work of the Week".
Mobile ad celebrates emotion, utility and the spaces between.

Case Study

Agency: Publicis
Role: Concept, Creative Direction, Writing, Production

Citi was coming out of a hole, and wanted to tell a fresh story in big, splashy ways. So they signed on to being one of the premier brands for Steve Jobs' latest innovation: iAds.

Apple got a million bucks. I got a trip to Cupertino. And Citi got 3.7 million pair of eyeballs spending a combined total of over three years with their brand.

FWA Mobile Site of the Day
Featured in FWA's The App & Mobile Case Study Book
Mother Nature holds webathon to encourage outdoor activity.

Case Study

Agency: JWT
Role: Concept, Writing

This is one of those everyday instances where the brief is to create a single-page landing experience. And then you bring back a not-so-everyday idea that gets the client so excited that they suddenly find buckets of Benjamins they didn't know they had.

Here, promoting all the good times one can have outside, characters of the outdoors put on an online telethon hosted by their matriarch, Mother Nature. Entertainment bits included the sun doing a comedy routine and a cloud doing impersonations while various animals, vegetables and minerals manned the phones.

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