Traces: Making Visible the Invisible: Data in Art and Design
Fabrica - Benetton Group's Communication Research Center (Treviso, Italy).
Project Director: Aaron Siegel

In collaboration with:
Guido Chiefalo (Product Designer),
Jonathan Chomko (Digital Media Artist),
David Raffoul (Product Designer)

The project started out with our interest in physical movement, especially when we are at work. Utilizing Futurism 2.0, each person at work was individually recorded for a given time. These collected data of movements have finally come down to a single image. In the end, we are left with information on which parts of our body were mostly moved or weren't moved at all, during the day at work.

8 portraits of designers/artists working at work:

Process images:
Process - Copyright: Guido Chiefalo

Presentation: Chomko, Chiefalo, Choi, Raffoul (left to right) - Copyright: Marina Rosso 2012

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