raison d'etre
Raison D'etre,
-Installation for SAMSUNG@WORK@RISD,
RISD President's House

"For to me this site-specific piece, incorporating Maeda’s personal collection and faculty and student work, stands as a palpable, microcosmic example of the collaborative synergy that exists in the house as a whole."
-Justine, Designskool

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Raison d’etre is a site-specific installation at RISD president John Maeda’s house in collaboration with professor and designer Lane Myer for the Samsung Creative Leadership Workshop at RISD. In this small room, we added speech bubbles to John Maeda’s curious collection of objects – from an old typewriter to an Eames chair- and in each bubble, stated in Korean the reason why each object should exist.

The objective was to create an whimsical icebreaker between RISD professors/students and SAMSUNG Electronics executive members from South Korea on a welcoming reception hosted at John Maeda's house.

At the SAMSUNG@WORK@RISD cocktail reception:

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