light scribble
Light Scribble, Twintex PP
Exhibited at New York International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in May 2011.

Inspired by pencil scribbles on paper, the Light Scribble chandelier was designed as a new luxurious form of chandelier with industrial material: intertwining the decorative element (line work) and the functional element (lights) into one. The volumetric form of the chandelier was created by overlapping 2 dimensional scribbles.

Since TWINTEX® becomes rigid when heated, it provided a structure for light fixtures while still appearing as a 3 dimensional drawing in the air. Within the form, assigned spirals are designed to hold LED bulbs, which retain beams of light.

This pendant chandelier is designed for urban dwellers. One chandelier in a room is a sculptural light fixture. However, in greater quantities, the chandeliers create an intriguing ambiance of interwoven beams of light that would work for a condensed interior environment such as a restaurant or bar.

Mock-ups and Process pictures:

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