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MIT Technology Review - Innovators 35 Jinha Lee
Young Inventor's Journey
BBC - SpaceTop Revealed
WIRED - Amazing 3D Desktop was born at Microsoft
The Creators's Project: User Preference Q/A with Jinha Lee

The Creators's Project: 이진하와의 테크널러지 Q/A
KBS: Homo Academicus
EBS Docu Prime
동아일보: 3D그래픽을 만지고 자르고, MIT 이진하.
The Leading Millennial Consumer Tech Founders In Asia

Feb 2013 BBC - SpaceTop Revealed
Feb 2013 WIRED - Amazing 3D Desktop was born at Microsoft
Feb 2013 Business Insider - You Have To See The Futuristic 3D 'SpaceTop' Computer
Feb 2013 The Verge - SpaceTop 3D interface lets you reach inside your computer screen
Feb 2013 중앙일보(1면) - 맨손으로 컴퓨터파일 만지는 韓기술 "와우!"
Feb 2013 LA Times - TED 2013: Four TED Fellow videos that will blow your mind
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Cnet :Microsoft's 3D computer offers a world for your hands
BGR: See-through 3D computer with gesture controls gives us a glimpse of the future [video]
Geekosystem: See-Through 3D Desktop Turns Your Monitor Into a Futuristic Cyberspace Box
IGN: Microsoft Shows Off Futuristic Transparent 3D Desktop - Applied Sciences Group teases us with the future of personal computing.
Wired UK: Microsoft demos Kinect-powered transparent 3D desktop
The Verge: Microsoft's transparent 3D desktop puts a virtual computing environment at your fingertips
Mashable: Microsoft Demonstrates Mind-Blowing 3D Desktop [VIDEO]

ACM TechNews
FastCodesign: MIT Creates Amazing UI From Levitating Orbs
GIZMODO: Magnetically Levitating Balls Could Be the Future of Computer Interfaces
Engadget: ZeroN slips surly bonds, re-runs your 3D gestures in mid-air
MIT Video : ZeroN
MIT Media Lab Labcast: ZeroN
Designboom: MIT media lab: zeroN
Blaze: your eyes aren’t fooling you- this ball is levitating.
The Verge: ZeroN magnetic levitation system can playback movements in space. ZeroN - MIT's Revolutionary Computer Interface
Popsci: MIT's Latest User Interface Employs Gravity-Defying, Levitating Metal Orbs
Gizmag: ZeroN system holds a ball wherever you place it, in mid-air
International Business Times
The Technology Cafe:
Spiegel Online: Mensch-Maschine-SchnittstelleInteragieren über schwebende Kugel
Hungary: (hungarian news portal)
Antigravitációs kezelőfelületet mutatott be az MIT

Bradley Timepieces
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– CNET says The Bradley is “beautifully designed”
– Gizmodo tells its readers about the stylish watch that lets blind people feel time
– National Braille Press says the Bradley is “one fashionable timepiece for all”
– TechSpot calls The Bradley “the Stylish Watch that Lets You Feel Time”
– The Boston Globe writes both about The Bradley’s debut, and about how the watch is getting a Kickstarter boost even after traditional funders balke
– RISD says The Bradley is for the blind — and everyone else
– explains how The Bradley’s magnet lets wearers feel what time it is
– United Cerebral Palsy’s Life Labs Blog uses one of our favorite quotes: “Good design is not exclusive, but inclusive”
– Cool Material tells its community this is “a Kickstarter worth getting behind”
– TechnologyTell says our “simple design is revolutionary”
– BostInno proudly shares that our Tactile timpiece raised $260,000+ on Kickstarter in 6 days
– So honored to be featured on the MIT Alumni Association Blog with The Bradley
– GizMag covers the debut of our tactile watch for the visually impaired
– Nothing says you’re bored like looking at your watch. The new Bradley Tactile Watch eliminates that, states Gear Hungry
– Hodinkee features the details of The Bradley and telling time through touch
– Abduzeedo listed Eone in their sites of the week
– IntheCapital shares an insider’s look at how we created The Bradley
– Technabob calls The Bradley “one of the most innovative watches you’ll ever see”
– The Awesomer added our watch to their list of “awesome stuff for awesome people”
– “This watch will change the way everyone tells time” says PolicyMic
– Public Interest Design shows how we’re co-designing a watch for touch
“Telling time has never been so easy…even for the blind,” says Beginners & Experts

Designboom: jinha lee: beyond
Gizmodo: Beyond - Collapsible Input Device
Makemagazine: Collapsable input device for 3D manipulation
The Tech Journal:
Fast Comapny: Almost Genius: An AR Interface for Drawing in 3-D

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